Sharon Snell, President EWI Huntsville 2016-2017

You might know this about me but I am a sunset lover. And, there isn’t anything as breath taking. The sunrise is a symbol of beginnings. No matter the circumstances, the Sun rises every day bringing new opportunity to everyone. NO ONE is excluded from this gift.

Time, is a gift too! Time is a gift, a treasure not to be put aside for the future but to be used wisely in the present. And time is flying by and we have so much to get done in regards to EWI business for the next few months. The Board is busy planning events and programs that enlist our mission statement, CONNECTIONS, CAREERS AND COMMUNITY.

At our April meeting we discussed the state of our chapter and how can we rebuild/ should we rebuild. I would encourage each of you to consider carefully if you are prepared to step-up and help EWI Huntsville rebuild its chapter because it will require a great deal of dedication, commitment and time. Are you ready?
Don’t forget that our May chapter meeting will also serve as a membership drive so please invite potential members. The Von Braun Center will host our May 2, 2017 Scholarship Awards Dinner. Come and join us as we announce our EWISP and ASIST winners.
I would like for us to start collecting pencils, paper, markers and pens through September to support our ongoing Philanthropy/Literacy program. All the school supplies we collect will go to our selected Reading Rally school in October.


Sharon Snell
2016-2017 President
EWI Huntsville

Huntsville/Madison County
Convention & Visitors Bureau