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October 1, 2015
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December 2, 2015
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2015-11 – Heartfelt Thank You

As we begin this new year of EWI, I think it’s important to first acknowledge the hard work and dedication of last year’s Board, who worked tirelessly to keep our organization relevant.

Valora served as President with grace and poise, making it appear effortless, but as we all know she deserves an Oscar for that performance. Her job was anything but easy, especially considering she has a full time job and family.

Michelle planned EWTC while also planning her wedding.

Angela came in as a new Rep and almost immediately assumed the role of Secretary.

I could go on and on because there is a story for every representative, not just Board members, going above and beyond; Margaret volunteers for everything, literally everything. I think you get the picture; we work with amazing professional women!

Going forward I hope we can draw from each other’s individual strengths and continue to grow EWI Huntsville into a Relevant Organization known for Our Service to the Community.

I must also make an announcement, which some of you may know already. 2016 will take me back to North Carolina. It is an opportunity I cannot pass up; however it will be a bittersweet departure, as I have come to love this community. Huntsville really is “like no other place”! This will be the most difficult move I have ever made, and I’ve made a few (Georgia-New York-California-North Carolina-Alabama-and now back to North Carolina). However, I haven’t left yet! I will be here thru the end of 2015, and I intend to make the most of every moment.

Thank you to everyone for adding meaning to my life, and as we venture into a new EWI year, please remember each of us add meaning to life without even thinking about it. Let’s make a conscious effort to acknowledge each other more often; once we truly Connect I know we will be unstoppable in both our Careers and our Community.

Barbara Zeitler