How to Select a Successful Administrative Professional

As corporate and self-employed professionals, nearly all of us in EWI will find the need to hire an administrative professional who can contribute practice solutions to make our businesses more efficient, productive and profitable. Consider these tips when hiring your new Administrative Assistant (AA):

Seek excellent communication skills and customer service abilities.

Because your AA is typically the first person with whom our customers or prospects interact, it is imperative that he/she can quickly identify needs and provide solutions with a friendly, upbeat attitude in person, over the phone, or via email. A successful, positive professional will communicate a positive image of your brand and your company to the public.

Select someone with tech savvy.

A successful AA will not only be well-versed in the latest software and computer technology for optimal job performance but will also embrace new ideas and identify new ways to make your company more efficient. You may consider including a screening test screen during the interviewing process to assess their skills in:

  • Formatting and editing
  • Page layout and creation
  • Review, insert and application tools
  • Graphics and illustrations

Seek organized, detail-oriented candidates.

An efficient AA will have strong follow-through skill and have a keen eye for detail while staying organized throughout a hectic daily schedule. Strong organizational skills will also help to ease workplace stress, and create a work environment in which employees can easily locate the tools to get the job done.

Select someone who fits you company culture and projects a professional image.

As the front line for your business, make sure that your AA presents a welcoming, polished first impression.

Valora Gurganious
President, EWI of Huntsville