2013-12 DECEMBER: Counting Blessings
December 1, 2013
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2013-11 NOVEMBER: Learning the Presidency

All lasting business is built on friendship. ~ Alfred A. Montapert

I came across this quote the other day and was quickly reminded of EWI and the 3 C’s…Connections, Careers & Community. Each of these three pieces fit together to make being a member of EWI an experience like none other.

The Connections made in EWI have been invaluable. In my other EWI members, I have found supporters, business partners, encouragers, amazing friends, and an amazing referral system. I think sometimes people (my executive included) get tired of hearing me say “Oh, there is someone in my EWI group that does that. You should talk to them. I’ll send you their information.” I have also found some of the most amazing friends in EWI. These women are my first calls for dinner out, a work dilemma that I need some advice on, or ideas for how to grow my business.

I have also found EWI to be a great place to further myself in my career. The EWI Corporate Office offers webinars that are great! These are not just for the EWI representative and executive, but for the entire member firm. I encourage you to look at the calendar and use these webinars to benefit your entire company. The monthly meetings and the wonderful professional women that attend them have also been huge influences on my career. Through them I have learned how to be a true professional woman with dignity and grace, I have been encouraged to further my career, and have been able to share the excitement and joy when the goals were reached.

The Huntsville Chapter of EWI has focused on the young women in our community who will soon become professional women. We offer two scholarships every year. The first, our EWISP, is offered to a high school senior, and the second, our ASSIST, is offered to a woman in transition. These scholarships allow our chapter to personally help a future professional woman make her dreams come true.

I would like to thank each and every current and past member, executive, and member firm for building the Huntsville Chapter of EWI and giving me these wonderful opportunities. It is all of these things plus too many more to mention that I am proud to be a part of the Huntsville Chapter of EWI and honored to serve the chapter as President this year.

Jennifer Lutrick
President, EWI of Huntsville